Most Expensive Vodka Brands

Vodka is Russia’s gift to the world that is too say that Russia stands as the biggest Vodka consuming nation in the world. You may be aware of the many millionaires in Russia and thus it does not come as a surprise that Russia also generates a few of the most expensive vodka “s in the world. If you have a penchant for accumulating the greatest vodka on the planet then you ought to recognize with sinfully costly vodka brand names.

Below are the leading most pricey vodka “s on the planet for smooth drinkers.

5 Most Expensive Vodka Brands

Kors Vodka Limited Edition Vodka – Ranging from $12,500 – $24,500

Kors Vodka Limited Editions - Most Expensive Vodka


Kors Vodka is the most expensive vodka on the market. It is distilled using the same recipe as used at the beginning of twentieth century when this vodka was made for the last Tsar Nicholas II.

Everything about Kors Vodka is perfected so it’s no wonder rich people are ordering them for weddings, special events and special gift.

Kors is also the only brand that offers private membership to all the buyers with several benefits that will make your life a lot easier.

Belver Bears Vodka: If you have the money then you would certainly be willing to pay the whole amount just to have that gorgeous backlit glass bottle! It most just one the most effective vodkas worldwide that is contained because container; the bear shaped glass bottle is a show piece by itself. You find it in opulent parties of Cannes candidates. It could be the priced belongings of your drawing room if you acquire this minimal version beauty from belvedere.

Cost: $ 7,240

Belver Bears
Most Expensive Vodka

Oval Vodka: Oh yes, the bottle is really oval but that is not its most unique function. It has a startling 700 Swarovski crystals studded on its container making it look nothing except an exquisite piece of jewelry originating from one of the very best alcohol brands on the planet. When you see it at really high end cocktail lounge you speculate, the vodka inside it better cost the bottle. Do not long for buying it from your local alcohol shop because it is minimal version premium vodka.

Cost: $ 6,922

Swarovski-Studded Alize Limited Edition Vodka
Most Expensive Vodka

Lordanov Vodka: Liquor suggests that this is the most effective vodka for seduction. The alcohol is made from the shimmering Wassex waters of Northern eupore and the bottle that holds it is once more studded with Swarovski crystals. The black container is actually unbreakable so keep it as a memento.

Cost: $ 4,353

Iordanov Vodka
Most Expensive Vodka

NOTE: These are the 5 most expensive vodkas worldwide. Three vodkas below are just a project and can not be bought. 

Russo-Baltique Vodka: You could not really acquire vodka as pricey as this one off the rack. This special lover “s model comes not from a typical vodka brand. You wouldn “t believe that are the producers of this brand name! It is not a brewery or also a food producing industrialist. Russo-Baltique is in fact an army car making business that generate this unique model in a collaboration with the royal family of Kazakhstan. Take a wild guess at how much it sets you back?

Cost: $ 1,452,064.

Russo-Baltique Vodka

Most Expensive Vodka

DIVA Premium Vodka: This bejeweled vodka has a less fascinating overview than its ancestor. It is generated in Scotland Yard, an usual place for liquor to be brewed. This premium variety owes a part of its substantial cost to its gem studded bottle that can be personalized baseding on your order. The liquor is virtually jeweled as it is filtered through crushed diamonds!

Cost: $ 1 million.

Diva Vodka

Most Expensive Vodka


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