Most Expensive Vodkas

There are some vodka brand names with costs so high that it makes them inaccessible for many vodka enthusiasts. Generally their cost relies on what is used to generate vodka, the one-of-a-kind style of liquor or the expensive production procedure itself. For the style of the bottles producers use gold, platinum or also diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Only can easily manage to purchase these most costly kinds of vodka. It is an actual status to bye among these extravagant vodkas, and by getting the vodka you will likewise receive an unique present. After consuming the vodka, containers are frequently saved as souvenirs due to the fact that they are enhanced with different treasures or diamonds. These vodkas are merely pure luxury to your every senses.


5 most expensive vodkas

1) Billionaire Vodka

($ 3,7 million).